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Tue Jun 11 13:35:46 EDT 2002

Hi Dale,
You might want try this website:

It contains all basic manipulations to a DNA sequence, it is implemented by 
javascript, and is web based, you can also download and have a local copy on 
you computer, it only need unzip, no installation. Basically all html files 
serve the UI purpose and all javascript handle manipulations like reverse, 
complementary strand, translation, count GC content, codon usage, 
randomization, primer .... ....

Hope this will help!
If I could be further help, please email me at zhang at phri.org

Haibo Zhang

Quoting Dale Beach <dbeach at email.unc.edu>:

> Hey Folks-
> I am hoping that your collective brains can help me find a web based 
> software suite to do some simple DNA sequence manipulations.  Basically
> I'd 
> like to find "Strider" on the web.
> I'll be teaching a "Molecular Biology for Science Wirters" class in two
> weeks.  We will complete the class by cloning and sequenceing a gene,
> and 
> we would like to do some sequence analysis with the students.  Simply 
> looking at the sequence, translation, rev/comp sorts of things. 
> However, 
> we don't really want to install software on all of the classroom
> computers. 
> (OK the computer support people gave us a hard time last year.)  The 
> software should be quick and easy so that we can lead them through the
> analysis quickly as a group.
> Feel free to reply to my email address directly so that this doesn't 
> clutter the list.
> Thanks in advance for any helpful URLs!
> dale
> PS- If you mention Pedro's Tools, please specify useful (read "not
> Dead") 
> links.
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