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Joe Landman landman at scientificappliance.com
Sat Jun 15 17:01:20 EDT 2002

Please note that we have a biodevelopers group which might be able to
help with this and any other programming type questions.  I have taken
the liberty of forwarding this to the list.

One thing I might suggest, so as to avoid re-inventing stuff that
already works, is to look at using the Bioperl system with the
ActiveState Visual Perl (or Perl.NET)
bio_bulletin_board at bioinformatics.org, create some .NET components, and
utilize the existing services.  Then you should be able to call these
routines from VB.

Has anyone done this yet?    

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Subject: [BiO BB] Regular expressions
Date: 15 Jun 2002 15:53:38 -0400

Hi there,

Does anybody know is there is any site that has source code for VB6 or
VB.net and bioinformatics?
In particular I am looking for useful classes to deal with both protein and
DNA sequences.

In addition, does anybody know of any good library for searching patterns
with regular expressions in VB.NET?


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