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"artificial life, virtual reality, and the internet"--- powerful techniques for developing medically useful predictive biosimulations, which is an area of software engineering i have been working in.  i think it would be great for this group to brainjam and work on something, and would love to participate, especially from the software and visualization perspectives.

I have worked on various projects exploring different approaches to using software to model and predict the behavior of complex systems, particularly the human immune system.  these experiences led me to work on an enabling software technology for creating these kinds of complex software systems-- an "application authoring" technology--  something that does the kinds of things for programming that a word processor does for writing.  

a product goal is to enable non-software-engineering content experts, like immunologists, to be able to develop scientific quality software applications without having to supply expert level programming skills.  if a user does have engineering expertise, i believe the product dramatically amplifies their efforts.  there is also functionality designed to enhance group efforts.  i believe this tool would be of interest to this newsgroup.  i'd be happy to assist anyone interested in using the the tool in bioresearch.

the tool is currently called Magik, and it's in late beta, and it's available for free here:  http://www.tekadence.net.    

it's a good tool i think for quickly experimenting with net applications like alife and vr. 

another project that touches upon this thread:  a relatively inexpensive system for shared virtual realities (which can be authored easily with Magik).  we refer to it as a "surround cinema" system, a visual version of surround sound.  there are many possible cinema configurations; most recently we have been configuring the system in geodesic domes.  some useful info about it here:  http://www.obscuradigital.com.    i am using this system to develop a vr environment for scientific visualization-- something that does not require isolating suits, head rigs etc but instead is more of a group experience, the way going to a movie or attending a lecture is.

currently,  i am working on using magik to author medically useful data-driven software models and simulations with a surround cinema system as a scientific visualization engine.  i'm hoping to get some of these efforts going open-source style.

by way of getting back to an item in this thread...in addition to wanting to help with "AL in VR on NET", I also seek help working on

   an open-source virtual reality
   based on public genomic, proteomic etc data
   with a focus on the T cell response



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  I would like to prospose the project 'AL in VR on Net'.
  AL  --  Artificial Life
  VR  --  Vertual Reality
  NET --  Internet
  I'm searching anyone, any company, any organization
  which collaborate with this project.

  Please see my home page 'www.geocities.com/alinvr_yyoshino'.
  If you have interrest, in detail, I will send mail concerning thechnical 

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