[BiO BB] Which topic to choose?

Balaji Raghupathi kannanbalaji_r at yahoo.com
Sat Mar 9 22:46:05 EST 2002

Dear all,

       I am working in a Software Development company
in India and currently we are interested in getting
into Bioinformatics field. 
       We plan to train employees in this field. Since
we are basically a software development company, we
want to know what will be the best topics in
Bioinformatics to train our employees. Below are the
list of topics in Bioinformatics offered by the
intitute we tied up with.

Paper 1 - Introduction to Bioinformatics 
Paper 2 - BioStatistics 
Paper 3 - Basics in Biocomputing 
Paper 4 - BioChemistry 
Paper 5 - Molecular Genetics 
Paper 6 - Microbiology 
Paper 7 - Virology 
Paper 8 - Immunology 
Paper 9 - BioComputing Languages 
Paper 10 - Biological Databases & their Mgmt. 
Paper 11 - Bioinformatics Softwares 
Paper 12 - Computational Biology 
Paper 13 - Genetic Engineering 
Paper 14 - Industrial Fermentation Technology

Out of these Papers 1,2 and 10 are compulsory. We have
to take 4 papers out of remaining 11 papers.

Please let me know about your advice on which papers
will be best to take out of remaining 11 papers.

Thanks for your time and your advice.

Balaji Ragupathi

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