[BiO BB] Investigation of present Bioinformatics Secene

Thomas Kron Thomas.Kron at Fernuni-Hagen.de
Wed Mar 13 08:54:46 EST 2002

Dear list members,

we are planning a sociological investigation of the development of
bioinformatics as a new scientific sub-field (funded by the German
Research Foundation, No.: Schi 553/1-2). We would like you to help us by
naming the international 10 central persons of the present
bioinformatics scene (the most important person is No. 1; the next
important person is No. 2 and so on). Please give us the full name and,
if possible, the institutional affiliation.

Please send your list to: thomas.kron at fernuni-hagen.de

Of course we use your list anonymously! After investigation the lists
will be abolished.

Many thanks for your help!

Yours sincerely

Prof Dr. Uwe Schimank
University of Hagen
Sociology II / Acting and Structures
Universitaetsstr. 21
58084 Hagen

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