[BiO BB] distance of molecules

Gary Bader gary.bader at utoronto.ca
Wed Mar 13 13:31:31 EST 2002

Hi Balaji,
	You can find the inter-atomic distance between any two atoms in a 3D
protein structure using Swiss PDB viewer which can be downloaded from:

It is a fairly complex program, but a very nice tutorial is available here:

At 04:35 PM 03/13/2002 -0000, balaji  r wrote:
>hi group,
>i have a doubt, does any one has any idea how to get/interpret 
>distance between any two molecules using a PDB co-ordinates eg. 
>when viewed in RASMOL/ any sw like that.. I want to find out 
>distance between A17 and T21 or A17 and C14 to find out which is 
>closer. I want to know is there any way to find out this.
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