[BiO BB] Parallel Blast

Rich Hickey hickey at arsc.edu
Fri Mar 15 20:00:58 EST 2002

Question. Does anyone know of a parallized version of BLAST. Not threaded 
or OpenMP. But a true MPI version? Or a combination of OpenMP/MPI. I'm 
looking for something I can run on an IBM SP complex. The only versions I 
can seem to find are all threaded. Which is great if I only want to use 4 
CPU's at a time. But what I want to do is run 32 4 CPU machines at a 
shot.  Thanks in advance for any help.

Rich Hickey
IBM Systems Analyst
Arctic Region Supercomputing Center
910 Yukon Ave Suite 106
Fairbanks AK. 99775-6020
(907) 474-5151 hickey at arsc.edu

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