[BiO BB] Web Based Sequence Manipulations

Dale Beach dbeach at email.unc.edu
Tue May 28 14:56:30 EDT 2002

Hey Folks-

I am hoping that your collective brains can help me find a web based 
software suite to do some simple DNA sequence manipulations.  Basically I'd 
like to find "Strider" on the web.

I'll be teaching a "Molecular Biology for Science Wirters" class in two 
weeks.  We will complete the class by cloning and sequenceing a gene, and 
we would like to do some sequence analysis with the students.  Simply 
looking at the sequence, translation, rev/comp sorts of things.  However, 
we don't really want to install software on all of the classroom computers. 
(OK the computer support people gave us a hard time last year.)  The 
software should be quick and easy so that we can lead them through the 
analysis quickly as a group.

Feel free to reply to my email address directly so that this doesn't 
clutter the list.

Thanks in advance for any helpful URLs!

PS- If you mention Pedro's Tools, please specify useful (read "not Dead") 

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