[BiO BB] 4th MGED Programming Jamboree

Gavin Sherlock sherlock at genome.stanford.edu
Mon Nov 4 17:17:08 EST 2002

Hi all,

	I am please announce that the 4th MGED (Microarray Gene Expression
Data Society) programming jamboree will be taking place at Stanford
University, between December 6th and 10th, 2002.  The first day is
intended as a tutorial to educate people about the MIAME standard, which
indicates what information should be recorded about a microarray
experiment, and MAGE, which consists of an Object Model, an XML format,
and a software toolkit.  Nature, Science, Cell and the Lancet recently
adopted MIAME as a standard which microarray papers should strive for.  
The rest of the tutorial will be devoted towards improving the software
toolkit, for which Perl, Java and Python versions exist, at various stages
of maturity.  There is also intended to be a C++ toolkit, though not much
has happened on that front yet.  We also hope to develop use cases for as
much of the model as possible during the jamboree, to ease its adoption.

The web page announcing the jamboree is at:


The driving directions aren't quite accurate yet.....                                                                               

The best (though not necessarily cheapest) hotels, in terms of                                                                      
location, are the Sheraton in Palo Alto, and the Cardinal.                                                                          

There is a short registration form, so I can get an idea of the number of
attendees, so I can get an appropriate room for the tutorial day.  For the
jamboree proper, we will be limited to 24 Net connections, though everyone
doesn't need to be online all the time.  To be able to give you an IP
address, Stanford does need the hardware address of your laptop's ethernet
card, so please put that in the registration form if you're intending on
taking part in the jamboree.  Look forward to seeing you, and please let
me know any suggestions you may have,
Gavin Sherlock                                                                                                                      
Dept. of Genetics                                                                                                                   
Center for Clinical Sciences Research                                                                                               
269 Campus Drive,                                                                                                                   
Room 2255b,                                                                                                                         
CA 94305-5166

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