[BiO BB] request for information on job opportunities in bioinformatics

Satyakam Goswami goswami at iiit.net
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On Sun, 2002-11-10 at 21:04, Derek Pyper wrote:
> Where do you live?
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> hi all
>   i am ashok kumar from hyderabad
>   i had joined a pg diploma course in bioinformatics and i need 
> some information on the career aspects and the jos..in this.
where did u do this course from GVKBio,Ocimum ???

>   i am b.tech in chemical engineering with distinction and i had a 
> 15 months of industrial experience as process engineer and i am  
> good at C,  C++, fortran ,pascal programming
>   please tell me about the job opportunities for the 
> bioinformatics engineers in software field or biotech field.
>   please spare some time for me.

the best place to start would be http://www.bioinformatics.org/faq where
we have a list of institutes , the world economy is in a state of flux
and except the people who are established in the field are finding it
difficult to get jobs, on the contrary i heard Satyam is employing
people with less experience because they will come with a smaller pay

suggest you to hang on the list look out for opportunities abroad but
that will come only with experience have you tried at ILabs??


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