[BiO BB] request for information on job opportunities inbioinformatics

Prasad Phirke prasadp77ie at yahoo.ie
Mon Nov 11 02:33:26 EST 2002

Where do u expect them to be situated? Of course
Hyderabad and Bangalore.

If anyone of your acquaitance is planning to take
course after paying a sum of one and half lakh then I
must warn you about the quality of education.

In US and In Sweden, it takes at least 4 - 5 years to
be pretty good "expert" in bioinformatics and they
make you "expert" in a year?

So evaluate and hten decide.

Good Luck

 --- Hi <pooja_jain25 at hotmail.com> wrote: > Hi
> Could you tell me what are GVKBio,Ocimum  and where
> are they situated? Are
> these the Biotech companies giving on the job
> diploma or the institutes?
> It would be nice if you could also tell more abt
> ILabs?
> Thank you
> Pooja

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