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Corné HW Klaassen c.klaassen at cwz.nl
Tue Nov 26 03:26:18 EST 2002

Hi Bill,

It sounds to me you want to run a virtual PCR. Try this link:

Hope this helps,

Corné :-)

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> Hi all,
> I'm hoping a method exists that would allow me to align PCR primers
> the human genome to determine all products that could be amplified if my
> sample contained extracted human DNA.  Theoretically I could BLAST each
> primer with stringent parameters and record the coordinates on the genome
> looking for matches with a Kb or two of one another.  To do that manually
> would be quite tedious, especially when you consider that I'm only really
> interested in matches at the 3' end.
> Anyone know of a way to do this?
> - Bill
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