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Karen Tok karen at scientecpersonnel.com
Fri Oct 11 23:23:29 EDT 2002

Hi guys,

We are a Head hunting company for the Life Science/Healthcare/IT industry in
Asia, located in Singapore.

If you, or know of anyone who is looking for a job in the Life sciences area
and are willing to be relocated to Asia, please contact us. You may visit
our website www.scientecpersonnel.com for the list of available jobs.

Karen Tok
Business Development Manager (Asia)
Biomedical sciences, Healthcare, IT

ScienTec Personnel
No 5, Shenton Way,
#37-02 UIC Building,
Singapore 068808
Tel : 62253272
Fax : 62257282
HP  : 91072139
karen at scientecpersonnel.com <mailto:karen at scientecpersonnel.com>
www.scientecpersonnel.com <http://www.scientecpersonnel.com>

When one door closes, another opens. Seize the opportunity while the path
remains lit.

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--->Hi all,
--->I am a postgraduate in biochemistry and  and a post MSc  diploma
--->holder in Bioinformatics. I am presentlty working in CENTER FOR
--->area of computational and structural biology.I wish to join in PHD
--->in GERMANY ,
--->SWEEDON or in other contries in the area oF COMPUTATIONAL
--->I request all the group members of the organization to give your
--->kind suggestions and please send me the list of universities I can
--->apply for.
--->I have yet to clear TOEFL AND GRE.
--->Thanks to all.
--->yours sincerely
--->BiO_Bulletin_Board maillist  -  BiO_Bulletin_Board at bioinformatics.org

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