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vijaya raj virajj at lycos.com
Fri Sep 6 03:44:28 EDT 2002

dear vijayendran
what happened to your ccmb work.
hope u get some help from this bioinfo community

wishing u all the best..

On Fri, 06 Sep 2002 04:36:18  
 vijay endran wrote:
>II M.Sc Bioinformatics,
>Department of Botany,
>Bioinformatics Division,
>Bharathiar University,
>Coimbatore- 46.
>Tamil Nadu.
>hello to all,
>I did my B.Sc(under graduate) Biotechnology under the same University at 
>I did a short-term training in vaccine production for Rabies and DTP at
>Pasture Institute of India, Coonoor, Nilgiris.
>At the end of my first year of M.Sc(post graduate), I did my summer training 
>at Central Drug Research Institute, Lucknow for a period of two months, 
>entitled Structure Based Drug Design For Cancer X-ray crystallographic 
>structure determination of 10,13-deacetyl-abeo-baccatum IV and molecular 
>docking using Bioinformatics Tools.
>For my completion of my MS.c Degree I should do a six months training for 
>the partial fulfillment of my Degree.
>I have a planned activity in which i have described a novel way to design 
>novel anti-inflammatory drugs(chemokines as target) in which I would be 
>pleased to do my project work.
>If any scientist who his intrested to work in this area or who is working in 
>this area may provide me a chance to work under them for my six months 
>project. So, later on i may forward my planned activity.
>Thanking you,
>Yours sincerely,
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