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Hi Eric.

You're welcome to send your message to our Bulletin Board:
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Eric Cervera wrote:
> My name is Eric Cervera.  I am the Public Relation
> Specialist with Frost & Sullivan.  I understand you are the
> Newsletter and Website Content Editor for the
> Bioinformatics.org.  I was wondering I you could lend me a
> hand on project I am working on.  I am responsible for
> evaluating and recruiting speaker and what we call Thought
> Leader for our Executive Summits.  I have and Executive
> Summit coming up focused on Maximizing Outcomes of
> Information Technology in Drug Discovery and Development
> for which I am currently seeking nominations for the
> position of Thought Leader .
> I was wondering if you would not mind sending the message
> to you e-newsletter subscriber database.  Below is the copy
> for the message I am asking  you to send.  This is not a
> sales call.  There are no fees associated with being a
> Thought Leader.  The Thought Leader position is a
> prestigious and important  role.  We will be recognizing
> these Thought Leaders for the knowledge and experience.
> Please see the text below and let me know if this is doable.
> ============================================================
> =====================================
> I am currently accepting nominations for the prestigious
> role of Thought Leader at our high-caliber Executive Summit
> focused on: Maximizing Outcomes of Information Technology
> in Drug Discovery and Development.
> There are no presentations or speeches required. All I ask
> it the Though Leader share his/her insight and perspective
> in one of the topics listed below.
> Concurrent Thinktanks, November 5, 2002
> __Thinktank 1: InSilico Drug Discovery
> __Thinktank 2: Genomics
> __Thinktank 3: Proteomics
> Concurrent Roundtables, November 6, 2002
> __ Roundtable 1: Managing Focused Libraries
> __ Roundtable 2: E-Clinical Integration
> __ Roundtable 3: Personalized Medicine
> As a Thought Leader there are a number of exclusive
> privileges you will enjoy:
> Full Complimentary Thought Leader Pass for the Executive
> Forum and General Session (Sunday-Wednesday $2095 value)
> Your name, title and company in our program brochure and in
> our program materials as a participating Thought Leader
> Sunday's Executive Golf Tournament on us - we've got the
> green fees!
> Complimentary daily continental breakfast, lunch and
> scheduled receptions and dinners
> and more!
> The following is a list of confirmed Thought Leaders:
> Francois Nader, MD, MBA, Senior Vice President Medical
> Affairs, North America, Aventis Pharmaceutical
> Kris Arora, PhD,Vice President, GRA Information Management,
> Pharmacia
> Sheryl Torr-Brown,  PhD, Worldwide Head of Knowledge
> Management and Scientific Development, Pfizer
> Sangtae Kim, PhD, Vice President and Information Officer,
> Lilly Research Laboratories
> Mark Cockett, PhD, Executive Director, Applied Genomics,
> Bristol-Myers Squibb Company
> Charles Jaffe, MD, Ph.D, Director of Medical Informatics,
> AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals
> Abdel Laoui, Head Chemoinformatics, Lead Generation
> Informatics, Aventis
> Nigel Beeley, PhD, Vice President and Chief Chemical
> Officer- Arena Pharmaceuticals
> Daniel Marshak,  PhD, VP and Chief Technology Officer-
> Cambrex
> Joe Guiles, PhD, Director of High Throughput Chemistry,
> Aventis Pharmaceuticals Inc.
> Alan Wilson,  PhD, Senior Director and Senior Fellow,
> PreClinical Development, Pharmacia
> Nathan Siemers, Associate Director of Bioinformatics,
> Bristol-Myers Squibb Company
> Bob Ladner, Sr. VP & Chief Science Officer, Dyax
> Steven Gold,  PhD,  Director of Bioinformatics, CuraGen
> Corporation
> Thomas Rea, VP Bio-Pharmaceutical Development, Esperion
> Therapeutics
> Richard Labaurdiniere,  PhD, Senior Vice President Research
> and Development, Genome Therapeutics
> Robert Davis, Executive VP of Drug Discovery, ACADIA
> Pharmaceuticals
> Lloyd Segal, President & CEO - Caprion Pharmaceuticals
> Jurgen Bajorath Ph.D, Senior Director, Computer Aided Drug
> Discovery, Albany Molecular Research
> Jim Rizzi, Director of Computational Technology- Array
> BioPharma
> Bruce Keyt,  PhD, Vice President Preclinical Development,
> Abgenix Inc.
> Robin Jackman, VP of Corporate Development, Sequenom
> Terrence Chew, MD, SVP, Clinical and Regulatory, Peregrine
> Pharmaceutical
> David O'Reilly, VP of Corporate Development, Iconix
> Pharmaceuticals
> Sheila DeWitt,  PhD, Vice President Drug Discovery, ArQule
> John Saunders,  PhD, Vice President of Chemistry, Neucrine
> Biosciences, Inc.
> There are a few ground rules:
> 1. You must be a Director or above.
> 2. You must be from a Pharmaceutical or Biotechnology or
> Biopharma company with sales in excess of $10 million/
> year.
> 4.  Each nominee must go through a brief screening process.
> 5. Rules subject to change
> For more information about this event go to
> http://www.summits.frost.com
> Please call me at 210-355-4806 or email me at
> ecervera at frost.com to nominate yourself or a colleague.
> Best,
> Eric
> Eric Cervera
> Public Relations Specialist
> Executive Summits Division
> Frost & Sullivan
> Office # 210-247-2446
> Fax # 210-348-1003
> http://www.summits.frost.com

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