[BiO BB] pls tell me that bioinformatics is suitable for elec tronic engineering

Joel Dudley Joel.Dudley at asu.edu
Wed Sep 25 00:04:55 EDT 2002

You may want to investigate the field of bioengineering. My employer,
Arizona State University, has an excellent bioengineering program. You can
find information about the ASU program at the following URL:
http://www.eas.asu.edu/~bme/ <http://www.eas.asu.edu/~bme/> 
Joel Dudley 
Faculty Research Associate 
Arizona State University 
Center for Evolutionary and Functional Genomics 
http://lsweb.la.asu.edu/skumar/ <http://lsweb.la.asu.edu/skumar/>  


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I completed my engineering in Electronics and instrumentation, Now  I'm
doing my master degree(M.Tech) in bio informatics in sathyabama institute of
science and technology.

I'm interested in both electronics (robotic engineering , nanotechnology ,or
bio sensors) and computers(software development for biology or for robotics
in biology field) 

Dose this course is useful for my  interests ?

I want to use my electronic knowledge in bio informatics. Kindly  suggest
some companies  which offering  projects  in  bio informatics  for
electronic students.

what i need to do to go for robotics.


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