[BiO BB] drosophila affymetrix data analysis

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NP is for protein, I believe it stands for Natural Protein.
NM is mRNA, I believe it stands for Natural Mrna.
AAF is wierd, GenBank number formate is one letter and 5 number or 2 letter 
plus 6 number, like U69127 or AA002200.

Others are XP or XM, these are referenced protein and mRNA seq, generated by 
insilico approach.

I don't really know which to trust, but if you need protein sequence, you 
definitly won't use NM_, whereas is you need mRNA sequence, you definitley 
don't need NP_. I think it is depending on you research project.

NCBI has FAQs and other education materials about these topic, hehe!

Good luck!

Quoting Usharani Mudiganti <umudiga at unity.ncsu.edu>:

> Hi,
>     When I go to the locuslink number given in affymetrix "complete
> entries", I see three different sequences (protein) starting with AAF or
> NP_ or NM_. Dont' know which one to believe. 
> And also, need suggestions about getting useful functional data from the
> protein sequences. Can anyone help?
> Any pointers are greatly appreciated.
> thank you
> "Have a nice day"
> Usharani Mudiganti
> Graduate Student,
> Molecular & Structural Biochemistry
> NCSU,Raleigh,NC,USA.
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