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Third Virtual Conference on Genomics and Bioinformatics. Sharing Knowledge
with the World
September 16-19, 2003. No registration fees to Participate

Advances in sequence analysis, transcriptional profiling, protein structural
elucidation and other genomic techniques are producing an overwhelming
accumulation of data and the shift in the way biological research is
conducted. As new disciplines are integrated, the "Virtual Conferences on
Genomics and Bioinformatics" provides an advanced collaborative environment
for the exchange and discussion of innovations related to the post-genomic

The Goals of the Virtual Conferences on Genomics and Bioinformatics are:

*Transcend geographical and economical barriers for the exchange of ideas
that facilitates the interaction and collaboration among scientists and
educators around the world.
*Address the benefits and limitations of the newest developments in
post-genomic technologies.
*Explore the social and ethical implications of genomic and bioinformatic
*Establish new ways to introduce the high school community to today's
multidisciplinary science.


**Computational Chemistry and Structural Genomics.
Kim Baldrigde, San Diego Supercomputer Center. USA
Nathan Baker, Washington University in St. Louis School of Medicine. USA
Jim Briggs, University of Houston. USA
Jan Jensen, University of Iowa. USA
Julie Mitchell, University of Wisconsin, Madison. USA

**Complex Biological Systems:
George M. Church, Harvard Medical School & MIT Health Sciences & Technology.
Toni Kazic, University of Missouri Columbia. USA
Eberhard Voit, Medical University of South Carolina. USA
Deanne Taylor. Serono Reproductive Biology. USA
Andreas Wagner, University of New Mexico. USA
Yaneer Bar-Yam, New England Complex Systems Institute. USA

Michael T. McManus, Center for Cancer Research. Massachusetts Institute of
Technology, USA
Ali Shilatifard, Saint Louis University Cancer Center, USA

**Genomics of Infectious Diseases:
Larry Simpson Howard Hughes Medical Institute/UCLA. USA
Jose Stoute, US Army Medical Research Command. USA
John H Adams, Center for Tropical Disease Research & Training. University of
Notre Dame. USA

**Bioinformatics and Grid Computing
Natalia Maltsev, Argonne National Laboratory. USA
Douglas L. Brutlag, Stanford University. USA
Carole Goble, University of Manchester. United Kingdom
Elia Stupka, Temasek Life Sciences Laboratory. Singapore
Akihiko Konagaya, RIKEN Genomic Sciences Center. Japan
David Sankoff, Department of Mathematics and Statistics. University of
Ottawa. Canada
Mark Wilkinson, Illuminae Media. Canada

**Transcriptional Analysis:
Bruce Aronow, Cincinnati Childrens Hospital Medical Center. USA
Kristy Meyers, Spotfire. USA
Eric Blalock, University of Kentucky. USA

**Bioethics and Intellectual Property Rights Protection:
Dennis Fernandez, Fernandez and Associates LLP. USA
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