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	My group is actively working to produce a free open source
software system for high-throughput sequence data management and
bioinformatics research which is composed of separable but interoperable
modules which may be distributed among a number of computers. The
software principally resides under Linux/UNIX (Solaris), but its primary
interface is a web application accessible through a browser on any
platform.  We currently have several modules working and have many more
in the planning stages.  If your interested please feel free to contact
me directly at mark_burke at ncsu.edu or visit our website at


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Hello all,

I'm a current grad student in CS and am interested in learning more
about bioinformatics - I have a biopsych/neuroscience background.  I've
looked through the projects on bioinformatics.org and sent some emails,
but none seem to have much activity.  Anyone with ideas on how I could
get involved?

Thank you,
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