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Dear Yong Huang,

Thank you for taking the time to reply to my inquiry.

Do I understand correctly?  Have you written code which performs blasts
by talking to the NCBI's qBlast server?

If so, then your code is not helpful to me.  I am looking for an
implementation of the Qblast server itself.  I am running programs that
know already how to talk to a QBlast server.  I want to point those
programs to my own, in-house server.

If not, and you have implemented a blast server accordinag to the Qblast
protocol, then I am still very interested and would like to hear more.

Again, thanks for your time...



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Dear Malcolm,
i just saw your post about QBLAST on Sep 2003. I wrote code for batch 
BLAST through QBLAST at begining of this year (my Master project of 
bioinformatics). The code was written in JAVA and Perl (Bioperl).

The flexibility of the code is:
0.good for single query or batch queries, BLASTn and BLASTp
1. observe the length of the first sequence of the batch queries, and 
automatically decide the parameters
2.dynamically check the working process
3.output format: HTML XML, Text
4.parse the result (Bioperl)and extraxt info by the user, e.g. top 1, 
or 2.. hit.

If you are still interested in QBLAST, please contact me.

Yong Huang
Feinstone center for genomic research
University of Memphis
(901) 678 2458
Email: yhuang4 at memphis.edu

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