[BiO BB] Re: EST clustering

Rick Westerman westerman at purdue.edu
Mon Dec 15 17:15:37 EST 2003

Chris Dwan asks:

>I am very interested to hear about how other shops do their EST analysis
>these days.

For the following two steps we use the 'stackpack' program from  Electric 

>2) Assemble contigs
>    - We use phrap, mostly because we have some expertise with it.
>      There are other options available.  My opinion is that it's better
>      to use a tool that is well understood at your lab than to try to
>      learn an unknown that may or may not be better.
>3) (optional) go through the contigs and break up those that do
>    not have good support across their entire length.  This is currently
>    a real pain, but hopefully we'll have an automated system trained
>    "real soon now."

Annotation and other post-EST assembly steps are project dependent.  Blast 
and HAMMER certainly play a role here.

-- Rick

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