[BiO BB] Microarray probe design

Takeshi Sasayama sasa at muh.biglobe.ne.jp
Mon Jan 6 17:47:05 EST 2003

Hi Martin,

I think Array designer from Premier Biosoft is one of the most famous
software for this purpose.

Also there are several other softwares described in the following link list.

Takeshi Sasayama

Martin Gollery wrote:
> Hello,
>    I am looking for software to select short Oligos for gene expression
> I have been looking into a program called ProbeSelect- does anyone have
> experience with this one? Is there a better one available?
> Thanks,
> marty
> Martin Gollery
> Associate Director of Bioinformatics
> University of Nevada at Reno
> Dept. of Biochemistry / MS200
> (775)784-6048

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