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J.W. Bizzaro jeff at bioinformatics.org
Sun Jul 27 23:17:59 EDT 2003

Hi Dan.

Dan Bolser wrote:
> I will prepare a list of projects which I think are
> reasonable, and then I guess we should initiate
> some kind of open discussion on the relevance / 
> previous work in the area / statement of aims and 
> objectives / etc. 
> Is this kind of forum available at bioinfo.org?

If the project requires software development, the Biodevelopers forum 
would be a good place to go:

   biodevelopers at bioinformatics.org

> I would really like to see an open forum for 'modular'
> project discussion, where people can add relevant
> papers / link / etc. to form a knowledge base for 
> further work.

I'd been thinking along these lines too.  I often get e-mail messages 
from students looking for ideas to pursue, and I have to tell them that 
most scientists have very few leads and thus covet them (i.e., good luck 
getting anyone to give them away).

I also know of many knowledgebase projects to archive things that we 
know.  But, how about things that we **DON'T KNOW**?  How about 
developing a "lack-of-knowledge-base" or "questionbase", where the 
literature is mined for unanswered questions (perhaps from the "future 
directions" sections in published articles)?

Does anyone know if anything like that exists (specifcally one where the 
questions have **NEVER** been answered)?  If not, maybe it should be 
made (and then, for everyone out there who has asked me for ideas, there 
you go ;-))

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