[BiO BB] bad signature from steletch at biomedicale.univ-paris5.fr

Dmitri I GOULIAEV dig at bioinformatics.org
Thu Jul 31 17:52:38 EDT 2003


,---[ output ]---
| [-- PGP output follows (current time: Thu Jul 31 16:24:08 2003) --]
| gpg: Signature made Thu Jul 31 15:50:08 2003 CDT using DSA key ID F44CAE88
| gpg: BAD signature from "Teletch\xc3\xa9a St\xc3\xa9phane (perso) <steletch at free.fr>"
| [-- End of PGP output --]
`---[ ]---

I would like to ask others on this list: has anyone the same problem as I do (I mean -- "BAD signature")? Or I should look closer to my gpg configuration file?

Thanks for any tips.

Best regards,

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