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John johnv at silicocyte.com
Tue Jun 3 05:39:11 EDT 2003

Dear SIr/Madam,

We wish to post the following attached message to the list members bio_bulletin_board. We are a bioinformatics company called Cytogenomic Inc, and are promoting our comprehensive end-to-end microarray analysis software, Silicocyte. The information regarding this would be beneficial to scientists conducting microarray analysis experimentation. This is a complete solution in itself, giving a single platform for operation of the entire microarray analysis, eliminating the need for scientists to employ different pieces of software for different funcitons in the microarray analysis.

We request you to post this message to the list members of your mailing list as this would certainly be an important piece of information for them.

Warm regards,
Sapna Singh
Marketing Executive
Cytogenomic Inc
sapna.s at silicocyte.com
support at silicocyte.com

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