[BiO BB] prokaryotic RT-PCR

Adarsh Ramakumar adarshramakumar at yahoo.co.uk
Fri Jun 6 04:48:27 EDT 2003

There are quite a lot of kits out there but none like
out of tehbox and use kind, that I know off...however
different tailor made possibilities are there for it
depending on the specific issues....
If more specific with ur prob then help can be
offerred to cater the problem!

 --- mjmccorm at mtu.edu wrote: > Hi, 
> I am new to this board. My question is : Does anyone
> know of any
> commerical kits for RT-PCR that will work for
> prokaryotes?  I am having
> trouble overcoming the polyadenylation issues. 
> Thank you.
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