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Corrado Priami priami at dit.unitn.it
Thu Jun 12 06:04:32 EDT 2003

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Systeomatics - Dynamic biological systems informatics

held in connection with WISICT04 (http://www.wisict.org)
Hyatt Regency
Cancun, Mexico
January 5-8th, 2004

The aim of the workshop is to bring together researchers from the bio 
side and the computer science side (both academic and industrial) to 
make emerge the new bioinformatics aspects connnected with the 
emerging paradigm of systems biology. The main topics of the workshop 
will be modelling, simulation and analysis of the dynamic behaviour 
of complex biological sysems such as protein interaction, cell 
differentiation, pathway simulation.

We accept four different kind of papers

- Research paper (up to 15 A4 pages) describing results of original 
research  results;
- Survey/tutorial papers (up to 20 A4 pages) that describe in detail 
subfield of the main topics of the workshop or promote 
interdisciplinary training between biologists and computer scientists;
- Experience paper (up to 10 A4 pages) which describes successful 
case studies and cross-fertilization of the bio and computer field;
- Position/vision paper that illustrates the potential impact and 
futere development arising from the marriage of systems biology and 
computer science.

Submission will be available through the web page of the workshop.

submission deadline: 1st july 2003
notification of acceptance: 20 july 2003
camera ready deadline: 20 august 2003

All workshops will be published together in the hardcopy proceedings
with ISBN of Computer Science Press, Trinity College Dublin.

In order for a paper to be published in the proceedings, at least one 
author MUST REGISTER for the Workshop by 1 SEPTEMBER 2003.

Programme Committee
Charles Auffray - Genexpress CNRS
Vincent Danos - CNRS
Monika Heiner - University of Cottbus
Satoru Miyano - University of Tokyo
Magali Roux-Rouquie' - Institut Pasteur Paris
Gordon Plotkin - University of Edinburgh
Corrado Priami - University of Trento (CHAIR)
Aviv Regev - Harward University
MG Sriram - National Space Biomedical Research Institute, NASA
Adelinde Uhrmacher - University of Rostock

Prof. Corrado Priami				Tel.  0461 882085
Dipartimento di Informatica e Telecomunicazioni        Mob
Universita' di Trento				Fax 0461 88 2093
Via Sommarive, 14			http://www.science.unitn.it/~priami
38050 Povo (TN) - Italia		priami at dit.unitn.it

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