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J.W. Bizzaro jeff at bioinformatics.org
Wed Jun 18 23:06:40 EDT 2003

There is now a poll on our main page (http://bioinformatics.org) about this.


Sam Jaffe wrote:
> The SCO lawsuit has sent a chill through the corporate enterprise 
> computing world, especially for anyone working with Linux or AIX. What 
> about the  bioinformatics community? Are you following the lawsuit with 
> interest, or have you already dismissed it? Has your project formed a 
> committee to deal with the potential implications? Have you started 
> formulating plans for what to do if a judge issues an order to stop 
> using Linux or AIX? I know that such a possibility is remote, but one 
> never knows how the legal system will react to such lawsuits. Any 
> replies would be appreciated. By the way, this is for a story I'm 
> working on dealing with the subject. Thanks.
> Sam Jaffe
> Associate Editor
> The Scientist Magazine (www.the-scientist.com)
> 215 386 9601 x.3015
> sjaffe at the-scientist.com

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