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Wed May 7 16:52:02 EDT 2003

The following is a job posting for the bioinformatics community.  Please
reply to gabriel.eichler at tch.harvard.edu with resumes of interested
The Ingber Laboratory of the Vascular Biology Program, Children's
Hospital of Boston and Harvard Medical School is seeking an entry-level
bioinformatician to work on development of new software and analysis of
high-dimensional gene microarray and proteomic data. 
Work place:
The academic research laboratory of Dr. Donald Ingber combines
approaches and novel software development strategies with "wet bench" 
experimental research.  The laboratory includes scientists with various 
backgrounds, including physicists,  engineers, and computer scientists,
well as molecular cell biologists and clinicians.
Job Responsibilities: 
-Ports a prototype version of GEDI from Matlab into Java or C++.  GEDI
is a 
novel application software for analysis and expression of gene
profile data that was recently developed by the Ingber laboratory. "
Implements new features into the software, including new analysis 
algorithms and user interface modifications.
-Analyzes gene expression profiling data obtained from ongoing research 
projects using this software and otheravailable software packages (SOM, 
hierarchical clustering).
-Assists other scientists in basic computational tasks (data analysis 
and visualization)
-Implements additional minor computational analysis tools, and assists
website development, as needed by the laboratory.
Skills / Experience required
-B.S./M.S. in computer science or experience in bioinformatics "
Experience in application development in Java or C++, specifically: 
graphical programming and UI development; familiarity with Matlab a
plus. " Knowledge of Microsoft Access and Excel (VBA). " Knowledge of
undergraduate level biology / willing to expand knowledge 
into genomics and biomedical research.
-Basic Knowledge of Web development (HTML, web graphics).
Additional skills that would be a plus:
-Familiarity with gene databases (GenBank, GeneOntology)
-Familiarity with multivariate statistical analysis, and, 
specifically, technical issues related to gene expression
profiling/proteomics " Knowledge of Matlab's Handle Graphics.
-Interaction with a large variety of leading biomedical scientists 
working on several basic aspects of cancer, angiogenesis and tissue 
-Possibility to participate in research projects that may lead to 
authorship on publications or patents, and potential commercial
-Outstanding experience for future application to graduate or medical
Salary and Benefits:   
Annual salary TBD
Start date:  
June 1, 2003 (flexible)
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