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Suresh Swaminathan isakti at hathway.com
Fri May 9 07:29:26 EDT 2003


We have a Visualization software called Gene Picker, which is a proof of

Gene Picker is a web based tool that is developed to display Genetic
Information in an easy to use graphical format. The objective is to enable
the scientist to access Genetic information archived in a back end database
through a graphical representation. This would enable the scientist to
quickly seek and retrieve data useful to the research he is conducting.  The
basic search is done using a standard querying format of entering the text
string into the search field and the relevant gene / intron is retrieved.
The retrieved sequence is a text string of varying length and comprises the
four nucleotides.

Gene Picker is web based and is developed on open source platform. The main
feature of Gene Picker is that it can be customized to a specific
representation requirement of the Scientist. The application is scalable in
that it can handle a huge volume of data and represent each retrieved
sequence graphically and enable the end user to view all the annotations and
enter annotations of their own. In a typical commercial deployment, more
powerful search engines would be used to access data from multiple public
and proprietary databases.

If you would be interested , we could send you more details on Gene Picker
and also give you a secured Login and password through you could browse
through the application and get the feel of it.

Looking forward to here from you,

Warm Regards,


Sakti Group, NY

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> Hi,
> I am looking for software which allows making chromosome maps and browse =
> through them. Probably it could be some kind  of interactive system for =
> browsing through the maps and making and breaking connections.=20
> Thank you in advance for any recommendations,
> Nadia Bolshakova

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