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Hai Arun,

Arun I am a post graduate  in pharmacology (M.pharmacy). I am planning to do 
a post graduate diploma in bioinformatics. I am really confused regarding 
the quality institute offering bioinformatics. Suggest me in which institute 
i can try, I know i am disturbing you a lot. please reply me. Awaiting for 
your reply
prabhu_pcology at yahoo.com
udprabhu1979 at hotmail.com

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>Subject: [BiO BB] Can u help
>Date: 18 May 2003 15:00:57 -0000
>Respected Sir
>    Greetings.
>    I am working to develop a software for the cofirmation of protein 
>structure in C.  I want to add a extra module for NeedleMan Wunch algorthim 
>or Smith Waterman algorithm to do sequence comparision. If any one having 
>the program with you help me by giving that one to me?
>     Thanking you.
>C/O Prof. M.R. N.Murthy,
>Molecular BioPhysics,
>Indian Institute of Science,
>MSC Bioinformtics
>34, Additional Hosteltel
>Bharathiar University
>Ph  +91 422 2425092
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