[BiO BB] Genome BOX Search

Catherine Letondal letondal at pasteur.fr
Thu May 22 10:38:18 EDT 2003

"Fabio Henrique Pfeilsticker de Knegt" wrote:
>   Hi everyone, this is my debut message on this list. I´m glad that I´ve 
> found you and I´m in need of some advice...
>   I´m interested in searching for some special sequences, like TATA and PHO 
> boxes, in a non-anotated bacterial genomic sequence (from TIGR UFMG) . What 
> would be the best strategy for that? A blast search with the consensus 
> sequence or something like a DNA motif search?

SMILE (Structured Motifs Inference and Evaluation) has been used for such
type of searching (I believe) :

>   Thank you,
>   Fábio Henrique Pfeilsticker de Knegt, CBMEG - UNICAMP. Campinas-SP, 
> Brasil.
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