[BiO BB] Job positions at ITC-irst

Linda Brodo brodo at itc.it
Wed Nov 19 11:13:27 EST 2003

Dear all,
 the Bioinformatics group of the   Institute ITC-irst 
(http://www.itc.it) in Trento (Italy)
 offers two positions (researcher and research assistant)
 in the Bioinformatic area.

 The research field concerns the application of computer
 science Formal Methods for the simulation and the analysing
of the behavior of biological systems.

 Please, have a look at the call at

 There will be also the possibility of applying for a Ph.D.
 in this topic at the international Ph.D school at the   University of 
Trento, sponsored by ITC-irst

 For more information and submissions, please
 reply to bioinfo at itc.it

 Best Regards,
  Linda Brodo


The Centre for Scientific and Technological Research (ITC-irst)
was founded in the 1976 as a public research center of the
Autonomous Province of Trento, Italia.
The Centre has developed research in the sectors of
Information Technologies, Microsystems, and Physical Chemistry of 
Surfaces and Interfaces.
The basic and applied research activities of ITC-irst aim towards the 
solution of real problems
need for technological innovation in the economic world.
The Centre fulfills its mission by disseminating its results and  by 
technological transfer projects
which involve enterprises and public entities.
The ITC-irst is composed by five division and two applicative area.

For more information on the ITC Institute, please
see http://www.irst.itc.it/

Bioinformatics group

The Bioinformatics group is characterized by a multi-disciplinary 
approach and an attention
to real bio-medical problems and challenges.
We established active collaborations with pathologists, biologists, and 
physicians in order to create a  multi-disciplinary co-operative work 
environment with the ultimate goal to define methods for supporting 
bio-medical research and physician's daily activity.
The main part of our activity takes place in Knowledge Discovery and 
Data Mining and
Formal Methods fields, two of the topics of nowadays Bioinformatics 
We are now working on machine learning methods for the analysis of 
bio-genetic data provided by high-throughput experiments, related to 
clinical information and on modelling and analysing of complex 
biological systems by means of logical formalism.
The group is currently made up by 5 researchers with different 
background: computer science,
mathematics, physics, and with expertise in statistics, machine 
learning, formal methods,
image processing, web-based systems, etc.

For more information on the Bioinformatics group,  please
send and email to  sboner at itc.it

SRA division

The Automated Reasoning Systems (SRA) division consists of about 60 
people and develops methodologies and technologies that help increase 
autonomy, quality, safety and reliability of software systems.
The members of SRA have been actively working in the field of formal 
verification since 1990, in the development of techniques and tools for 
automated deduction and model checking. SRA has been
active in the development of NuSMV, an open architecture for model 
checking, and of bounded model checking techniques based on decision 
procedures for propositional satisfiability (SAT).
Model checking techniques have been applied to the design and 
verification of safety critical systems, in
particular in the field of railways, avionics, and industrial control.

For more information on the SRA division of ITC-irst, please
see http://sra.itc.it

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