[BiO BB] ScanArray 4000

Peter V. Decker pvd4s at cms.mail.virginia.edu
Tue Nov 25 16:35:52 EST 2003

If anyone with experience with the Lumonics (now 
Perkin-Elmer) ScanArray 4000 scanner can assist me, please 
reply to pvd4s at virginia.edu.
Can anyone please tell me what software can be used for 
data recording and analysis with the ScanArray 4000?  I 
know that for the GenePix system, there is an output text 
file with the .gpr extension, but I can't seem to figure 
out what the file output for the ScanArray system is (if 
there is one).  If it does not exist, then how can we 
quantify signal intensity, subtract background, etc. with 
just a simple TIFF image?
Many thanks,
Peter V. Decker

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