[BiO BB] Bioinformatics Survey

Natalio Krasnogor Natalio.Krasnogor at nottingham.ac.uk
Fri Nov 28 06:10:34 EST 2003

Dear Colleague,

I am conducting a webioner (i.e. Web based Questionnaire) with the aim
of capturing recognized researchers and educators views regarding
bioinformatics education in academia.

 The information you input will help me to devise a robust core
bioinformatics curriculum for the School of Computer Science and IT at
the University of Nottingham.

 More specifically, this poll is aimed at trying to understand your
perceptions of what should be included (and what left out)  in core
bioinformatics and auxiliary modules,
what skills must be developed in both teachers and learners, etc.

I would very much appreciate your input as part of my information
gathering efforts.

The webioner can be found in:


Thanks in advance for your time and for sharing your expertise.


Dr. N.Krasnogor
School of Computer Science and Information Technology
University of Nottingham
United Kingdom.

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