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Wed Oct 1 14:24:26 EDT 2003

Dear Sir or Madam,
    A Delphi study is currently being conducted to develop biotechnology 
competencies.  This is a cooperative project of the Internaltional Technology 
Education Association (ITEA)-Council on Technology Teacher Education (CTTE), 
Central Missouri State University (Warrensburg, Mo.), and Illinois State 
University (Normal, Illinois) for technology teacher education programs as they 
prepare technology education teachers.
    This modified Delphi technique provides two rounds of feedback from 
industry professionals, technology and biotechnology educators, and those with 
a vested interest in the content area of biotechnology.  The first-round will 
include participant feedback on a pre-developed list of Biotechnology 
competencies.  The second-round will attempt to arrive at a consensus based on 
the committee's first-round responses.  I am seeking participants to serve as 
the panel members for this study.  The study will be performed electronically, 
no travel will be required.  
    Please contact me at dgs70190 at cmsu2.cmsu.edu if you will be able to serve 
on this committee.  The results of the study will be presented at the next ITEA 
conference in Albuquerque.

Donald Scott (Researcher)
Dr. Barton Waher (CMSU Advisor, ITEA/CTTE)
Dr. Chris Merrill (ISU Advisor, ITEA/CTTE)

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