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Carlo Lapid twins at info.com.ph
Fri Oct 10 03:14:00 EDT 2003


I had the same situation as you; I run ActivePerl on my home windows XP, and
I had wanted to install Bioperl. You said that you downloaded it from CPAN?
If you just downloaded it directly, then the module might not be installed
properly in your Perl library files. I suggest you use PPM (Perl Package
Manager) which is automatically installed with the ActivePerl package. Just
run PPM and you should see a command prompt. To find out if bioperl was
properly installed, type "query bioperl", or if you want to see a list of
all the packages that have been installed, type "query *". If bioperl is not
on the list, then type "install bioperl"; this will tell PPM to
automatically download Bioperl from the ActiveState package repository,
unzip it, and download it. (You have to be connected to the internet for
this to work, of course). Easy!


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> Hi
>   Iam a student of  PGD in bioinformatics in chennai INDIA.. Iam trying to
learn about bioperl wich is appart from my sylabus ,
>    I have installed active perl In my home pc windows XP  its working good
, then i downloaded bioperl from internet with all other entire accesory
file from CPAN .
>    Iam not able 2 run bioperl programs that is being given as sample
>       If u could help me plzz, reply me  ,stating my requirements on the
files thst i have to download and how to run bioperl program in windows.
>      While running gome of the programs through dos prompt as perl
filename.pl  iam not getting the out put iam getting command executable
prompt in the next line. Idont know where the out put goes .
>      If u could plzz reply me it will a great help for me to learn
> waiting for ur reply.
> thanking you,
> bala vijayan.

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