[BiO BB] i need help regarding bioperl

deepan chakravarthy n deepan_3356 at yahoo.co.in
Mon Oct 20 11:05:34 EDT 2003

hi ,

   u  all speak about bio perl
i am ug student in biotechnology . 
how is bioperl use for computational biology?
what actually do u people do with perl
how is cgi linked with bio perl .
please reply

 --- ram kan <drkannanphd at yahoo.com> wrote: > Hi
> first sure that you had installed perl.
> The open a notepad (OR click start; run; type
> notepad; enter) type something. Like
> Print "My first perl"
> Keep it as such.
> open command (Or click start; run; type command;
> enter)
> check the folder in the command. Mostly it will be
> C:/desktop.
> then save the note pad in desktop and give the any
> file name XXXXX.pl before giving the name of file
> change the version from text file to ALL files.
> now type perl XXXX.pl in command line.
> your file will open. now after you can do as you
> like.
> Kannan
> Hi
>   Iam a student of  PGD in bioinformatics in chennai
> INDIA.. Iam trying to learn about bioperl wich is
> appart from my sylabus , 
>    I have installed active perl In my home pc
> windows XP  its working good , then i downloaded
> bioperl from internet with all other entire accesory
> file from CPAN . 
>    Iam not able 2 run bioperl programs that is being
> given as sample programs.
>       If u could help me plzz, reply me  ,stating my
> requirements on the files thst i have to download
> and how to run bioperl program in windows.
>      While running gome of the programs through dos
> prompt as perl filename.pl  iam not getting the out
> put iam getting command executable prompt in the
> next line. Idont know where the out put goes . 
>      If u could plzz reply me it will a great help
> for me to learn bioperl. 
> waiting for ur reply.
> thanking you,
> bala vijayan.
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