[BiO BB] Could you spare 5 minutes to help out the global HPC community?

Daniel Chan Daniel.Chan at Sun.COM
Fri Oct 24 19:13:15 EDT 2003

Dear researcher/research staff/faculty/student,

We are currently conducting a global survey to identify key HPC applications researchers and engineers in
university and government laboratories worldwide are using to conduct their research.

We need you to provide some quick feedback specifically on the type of applications that you are currently
using for the purpose of your research.

This survey is hosted by the Asia-Pacific Science and Technology Center at Nanyang Technological University
in Singapore and sponsored by Sun Microsystems, Inc.  The information you provide here will remain confidential
and will not be used for sales and marketing purposes.

The results of this survey will be published to help the High Performance Computing community determine trends
and improve the performance and availability of these applications to the scientific community at large.

We strongly encourage you to participate in this non-commercial survey.
The survey will only take 5 minutes and a few clicks.

To participate, click on the following URL: http://apstc.ntu.edu.sg/hpcsurvey/
Kindly forward this e-mail to other individuals whom you know are also involved in HPC research.

Thank you so much for your cooperation.

Daniel Chan
Science & Engineering Computing
Global Education and Research
Sun Microsystems, Inc.
Direct line:  (650) 786-0780

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