[BiO BB] functional clustering among Affymetrix data

deletto at unisa.it deletto at unisa.it
Mon Sep 15 10:14:44 EDT 2003

Dear All,
I am sorry of distrurbing you (anyone of you!!!) with a very trivial question:
I am wondering whether it is available a simple tool online I could find useful
for my purpose: I would like to cluseter a data set (collected from Affym.
GeneChip U34A,B & C) regarding on the biological functions. In other words, I'd
like to draw a statistical graph (like a nice cake) where I can put in all my
data set, selecting all genes with a clear and known function (biological,
physiological and for compartment localization).
Could anyone (of you) help me, showing how I can purchase this (hard almost for
me) task?
I will appreciate it too much :::)))

Thanks in advance, 
                   all the best
              Davide (phD student)

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