[BiO BB] Librarian V1.3 released

Martin Kucej kucej at fns.uniba.sk
Thu Apr 8 05:56:04 EDT 2004

Librarian, a program, which enables a group of researchers to create
an annotated virtual library of articles in portable document format
(PDF) is now available in version 1.3.

This version comes with a couple of new features including improved
download of data from PubMed and ability to add PDF articles to more
categories. Also Librarian removes line breaks if you paste info into
the upload form directly from PDF file.

It is possible now to identify articles in PubMed according to PMIDs
(you can enter more IDs separated by comma). The search than displays
titles and first author. The next screen enables you to read over the
article annotations and preselect most suitable categories. This
selection is transferred into the final Upload form. The upload form
contains multiple select field for categories. To select more
categories you must Ctrl+Click or Command+Click on Mac.

The older versions of Librarian (1.1, 1.1a, and 1.2) can be upgraded
using 'Upgrade' release without reinstallation.


This is probably the last release of the first generation of
Librarian. A 2.0 series is planned for this summer and should include
the abilities to add complete citation information, generate simple
lists of citations in plain text, BibTex and maybe other formats, so
that this lists can be imported into Citation Managers.

Sincerely Yours,
Martin Kucej
Department of Biochemistry
Comenius University
Mlynska dolina CH-1
Bratislava 84215
Slovak Republic

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