[BiO BB] CFP for Special issue on Bioinformatics Visualization: Jan 15, 2005

Theresa-Marie Rhyne tmrhyne at ncsu.edu
Wed Apr 14 14:08:20 EDT 2004

Hi Bioinformatics Colleagues:

Chris North (at Virginia Tech) and I are guest editing
a special issue of the Information Visualization journal
on Bioinformatics Visualization for the September 2005
issue of the journal.

If you have work in this arena, we would like to encourage
you to submit.  Our submission deadline is January 15, 2005.

See more details below.

Smiles... Theresa-Marie


Call for Papers

Bioinformatics Visualization
Special Issue of Information Visualization Vol.4 No.3

Guest Editors:
Chris North & Theresa-Marie Rhyne

Submissions due: 15 January 2005
Acceptance notices: 5 March 2005
Final revisions due: 15 April 2005

The theme for this special issue of Information Visualization
(Palgrave/Macmillan) is Bioinformatics Visualization
(Published 1st September 2005).  Original papers are solicited
in this area.  In particular, we encourage innovative papers
detailing the design, development, and evaluation of
visualization methods for the bioinformatics domain.

The mapping of the human, rice and other genomes has lead to
rapid expansion of bioinformatics.  High-throughput technology
and other advances have resulted in the collection of massive
quantities of data.  These factors, combined with the complexity
of the life sciences, set the standard for the future of
information-intensive scientific investigation and create unique, difficult
problems for information visualization. Exploratory visualization
tools that enable visual investigation of computational biological
data and bioinformatics databases are beginning to emerge.

We seek original research and application papers that explore this
important emerging arena of information visualization.  Case
studies and applications of bioinformatics topics are also welcome.
Life scientists will be on the review board of this special issue.

Example topics include, but are not limited to, the visualization of:
·	Heterogeneous biological databases
·	Sequence analysis, comparison, and alignment methods
·	Molecular evolution
·	Genomics, gene expression and gene regulatory networks
·	Micro-Array Design and Analysis
·	Proteomics
·	Signalling pathways, biochemical networks
·	Molecular docking and drug design
·	Species taxonomies and functional ontologies
·	Experiment data and process management
·	Biochemical and cellular simulation and models

Enquiries should be made to both guest editors.  Authors should
inform the guest editors of their intent to submit before
submitting a manuscript.  Electronic submissions of manuscripts
in PDF or Word (97 or later) are recommended via email to
Chris North [north at cs.vt.edu] and Theresa-Marie Rhyne
[tmrhyne at ncsu.edu]. If manuscripts are submitted in printed
form, please send four copies of full articles to either
guest editor at:

  Chris North	                  Theresa-Marie Rhyne
  660 McBryde Hall	            Learning Technology Service/DELTA
  Dept of Computer Science	      NC State University
  Virginia Tech	                  Campus Box 7113
  Blacksburg, VA  24061-0106	      Raleigh, NC  27695
  email:  north at cs.vt.edu	      email:   tmrhyne at ncsu.edu


Theresa-Marie Rhyne
Coordinator of Special Technology Projects
Learning Technology Service/DELTA
NC State University
Campus Box 7113
Venture III, Suite 267
Centennial Campus
900 Main Campus Drive
Raleigh, North Carolina 27695
Phone: 919-513-4623
Fax: 919-513-4237
Email:  tmrhyne at ncsu.edu

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