[BiO BB] CompBioNets 2004 - Poster submission open

Katia Silva Guimaraes katia at cin.ufpe.br
Wed Aug 11 11:47:28 EDT 2004

                         COMPBIONETS 2004
             Algorithms and Computational Methods for
                Biochemical and Evolutionary Networks
               Recife, Brazil, December 15-18, 2004

                         CALL  FOR  POSTERS

We invite the submission of posters to the Conference "Algorithms and
Computational Methods for Biochemical and Evolutionary Networks"
(CompBioNets'04) that is being organized in Recife, Brazil, December
15-18, 2004.

The Conference topics will be computational biology in general, and
more specifically, but not exclusively, genetic regulation, motifs,
metabolism, protein-protein interaction, biochemical networks, protein
function and structure, genome dynamics, genome rearrangements,
comparative genomics.

The best submitted posters will be invited for a
short 10 minutes presentation, besides appearing in the local
proceedings that will be available at the Conference. We strongly
encourage contributions from all scientific communities involved in
the topics of CompBioNets. We are particularly interested in
contributions from the biological perspective.

Visit our site (http://compbionets.cin.ufpe.br) to submit a poster.
Deadline for poster submission: September 28, 2004.

We are looking forward to receiving your contributions.

        Katia Guimarães and Marie-France Sagot

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