[BiO BB] Bioinformatics (potential) needs assessment form?

Joe Landman landman at scalableinformatics.com
Wed Aug 18 08:24:10 EDT 2004

Hi Dan:

  A real needs assessment tends to be an interview.  You might be able 
to do a set of interviews to get a better understanding of  what 
questions to put into your poll.

  The needs assessments vary depending upon the target group and their 
problems.   A single poll might not capture the necessary details. 

  Needs assessments are critical to my companies business, as we need to 
understand our customers computational problems.  I would think that a 
similar approach might work here, though it is usually hard to condense 
everything into a single document before the interview.  You might try 
several sample interviews, see where they take you, and then refine it.  
Iterate until you are satisfied.


Dan Bolser wrote:

>Has anyone ever done a survey of bioinformatics needs for an
>experimentalist (molecular biology) community?
>I need to survey the (potential) bioinformatics needs of a group of
>experimentalists with a wide range of bioinformatics knowledge (from 'some
>in-depth specialist' through 'general' to 'none').
>Ideally I would like to capture both what is currently being used, and
>what would be really useful if it were being used. 
>The problem is in the last case people may not know what could potentially
>be helpful. i.e. they need training and/or the form needs to be
>educational (gulp).
>I would be very grateful if someone could point me at a stock form, and I
>would be more than willing to help try to create such a stock form from
>the condensed knowledge of this community.
>Thanks very much for any assistance,
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