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Gary Bader bader at cbio.mskcc.org
Mon Dec 6 09:22:53 EST 2004

As far as I know, there is no standard for 3 letter organism names and 
each resource that uses these names keeps its own list.  Three letter 
codes can't cover more than 26^3 species and there are many more 
species than this.  If you want to understand the codes from a specific 
resource, you need to find that information in the documentation of 
that resource.  If you want to just use existing codes for convenience, 
KEGG maintains a list of its 3 letter codes for sequenced genomes here: 


On Dec 6, 2004, at 9:04 AM, Dr. Christoph Gille wrote:

> Hi all,
> where do I find a complete table mapping organism names to short code 
> like
>        Aeropyrum pernix  ==> ape
> or
> Pyrococcus horikoshii ==> pho
> Thanks Christoph
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