[BiO BB] All-again-all protein sequence comparison

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Dear Anne

There is a pre-computed BLAST of all pairwise proteins in the NCBI's nr
database available at


These results are also available via a remote API (in Perl/Java/C/C++).

You can read http://www.blueprint.org/seqhound/seqhound_documentation.html

for how to get started with this API if it meets your needs.

Best regards


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Use ncbi toolkit, write a script around bl2seq for the all-vs-all.

If the genomes are really large, I would try and cluster each genome
first at 90% Sequence ID, to remove redundancies, using CD-HIT.

I wouldn't go with the strategy of having  one genome as a database, and
another as a query pool, because that would skew your BLAST statistics
to give you false-positive hits. I would go with the all-vs-all pairwise


Dr. Christoph Gille wrote:

>the ncbi toolkit works well.
>I can loop over all proteins in one genome
>and run blast against the other.
>>Hi, All
>>I have been working on obtain the BLAST e-score for all-against-all
>>protein sequences of two genomes. Is there is tool for script for this
>>function? Any suggestions will be helpful.
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