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Dear Mr. Rajat,
You have considered most of the factors here, however, I am not sure if you have also included 'Alternative splicing' in one or more factors listed below.
Alternatively spliced forms of the same protein would indirectly affect transcript stability and/or protein transport. so it looks important to me.
Parthav Jailwala

Rajat Kumar De <rajat at isical.ac.in> wrote:
Dear Colleague,

I am looking for some papers on the mathematical modeling of following
controlling factors of gene expression. It would be a great help to me,
if somebody can provide me some papers/links or some suggestions, on the
mathematical models of these factors in controlling gene expression.

The controlling factors are:
1. Chromatin Structure
2. Transcriptional Initiation
3. Transcript Processing and Modification
4. RNA Transport
5. Transcript Stability
6. Translational Initiation
7. Post-Translational Modification
8. Protein Transport
9. Control of Protein Stability

Please also let me know, if there are other controlling factors of gene



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