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Sunil Raj Prasad S99007386 at student.usp.ac.fj
Thu Feb 5 20:42:42 EST 2004

Dear Christophe Battail,

I am a Masters Student at the University of the South Pacific in Fiji 
and am studying the leaf litter invertebrates. My project involves using 
the litter invertebrates (opliones, Staphylinids and Weevils) to map 
their biodiversity hotspots. I extract the invertebrates using the 
Winkler Sacks and then sort them into different morphospecies based on 
characters derived from literature and also from consultation of 
prominent scientist in these field.
I am at the moment using the Jaccard’s index to calculated the 
similarity between the different sites and this will help me map 
biological provinces in Fiji where really unique, or unique enough for 
conservation purposes, litter invertebrates exist. It is known that 
invertebrates tend to be more localized then other frequently studied 
fauna such as Birds, Mammals, Hepeto fauna, etc. Therefore, this data 
together with data derived from other studies will be used to map high 
biodiversity regions within Fiji (including the major islands and the 
other outer islands).

I also want to do Complementarity analysis and cluster analysis to map 
their relatedness based on the morphological characters. However, I do 
not know of any such software program which can do that. However, I have 
surfed the net band have indeed found several packages which do cluster 
analysis based on genetics. I want to do these relatedness analysis 
based on the morphological characters instead of the genetics. 

Do you know of any such packages or if it is available on the net for me 
to download. Please let me know of any fees in advance.

With kind regards,

Sunil Raj Prasad,
GA Conservation Biology,
Biology Department, SPAS,
University of the South Pacific,
Fiji Islands.

(679) 3311061

sunilrajprasad at hotmail.com
s99007386 at student.usp.ac.fj

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