[BiO BB] Seqio and fmtseq

Stefanie Lager stefanielager at fastmail.ca
Mon Feb 23 04:47:16 EST 2004


I have problems to compile the Seqio library and specifically the fmtseq
sequence format conversion program, on Linux. It seems as if line 150 in
seqio.c and line 40 in fmtseq.c (extern char *sys_errlist[]) is in
conflict with stdio.h (gcc version 3.2.2). I've tried to comment out
these two lines, and then it compiles, but when I try to run fmtseq it
crashes with "Segmentation fault". Does anyone know how to modify
seqio.c and fmtseq.c, so they can be compiled on Linux?

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