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Randal L. Schwartz merlyn at stonehenge.com
Fri Jan 9 13:16:39 EST 2004

>>>>> "com" == com bio <combiofriends at yahoo.com> writes:

com> i have a web page.
com> when some one visits it , it  asks for his name.
com> i would like to capture the name he enters using a
com> variable in PERL. how do i go about? 

That would be writing a web form with a "form" element, and having the
"action" of the form point at a URL triggering a Perl script, most
likely in CGI mode.

The CGI module is your friend here.  "perldoc CGI" for the details,
or read any of the millions of documents written in the past decade.
Welcome to the web.  You are programmer number 4,982,129. :)

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